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Smoking tobacco using a water pipe also called as hookah, generally is viewed in a more positive light than smoking cigarettes, particularly for women, according to one of the first studies on water pipe and cigarette smoking to look at social attitudes and gender. These pipes originated in the Middle East hundreds of years ago and were popular primarily among men who used them to smoke tobacco in cafes, where they gathered and talked.

In hookah, tobacco is heated by charcoal, and the resulting smoke is passed through water filled chamber, cooling the smoke before it reaches the smoker. Some water pipe users believe that this method of smoking tobacco delivers less tar and nicotine than regular cigarette smoking and has fewer adverse health effects because of the filtering effect of the water. Especially, in these days water pipe smoking seems to be increasing among adults as well as youth. Teens who had ever tried smoking and boys were more likely to report using these pipes and youth were the least likely to report using them. It is interesting that youth reporting water pipe use perceived it to be more socially acceptable and less addictive and harmful to their health than smoking cigarettes.

These pipes of many forms are available throughout a large part of Eurasia. Several different names are associated with these pipes, and some of these refer to the construction materials from which the pipes were originally made. For example, the word hookah refers to a round storage-jar. In their basic operating principle, all of these pipes use water to cool the hot smoke and render its flavor mellower. Finally, there are some well established and experienced manufacturers of these pipes are selling these items through online For more information and details, please do not hesitate to visit their valuable website.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make a PVC Water Distribution System From Your Rain Barrel

Make a PVC Water Distribution System From Your Rain Barrel to Your Garden in 3 Easy Steps

Placing a Rain Barrel underneath a downspout is the method most people will use to collect and store the water coming from the rooftop, but how do you get the water to your garden? Certainly, a garden hose can be connected to your rain bucket and used to distribute water to your vegetables. However, a garden hose can be a hassle as it can constantly tangle and get caught up in other brush and yard obstacles. When you are done with the hose it needs to be wrapped up and put away after each use.

A PVC water distribution system can be an easy alternative to the garden hose method in getting water to your new garden. Channeling the water through PVC is a much more permanent solution and provides a fixed and stationary way for getting water where you need it the most. Since PVC can sit above or below ground, you can decide the best approach based on your preferences.

Step 1 Plan your Route - Planning your PVC water route is not as overwhelming as it may seem. All that needs to be done in this is to establish the best, most efficient route from point A, your rain barrel to Point B your vegetable garden. As your old Math Teacher used to say "The shortest path between two points is a straight line." Try to define the straightest line between points A and B if possible. This will minimize the amount of elbows and tees needed to put your PVC water system together.

Step 2 -Once you have defined the best path, map out and measure the route you want your PVC delivery system to take. Purchase the materials at your local garden or home improvement store. Be mindful to purchase a few extra tees and elbows as sometimes your tubing may need to be re-routed a different way due to some of the obstacles in your yard.

Step 3 - Begin to erect your delivery system by placing the PVC tubing, tees and elbows together. Once it is all in place use, hook up a garden hose to the beginning to test it out. Since the pressure from your rain barrel will not be high, it is recommended to keep the hose pressure fairly low. If you have reached the desired result, go back through and glue each piece together with PVC cement. Connect the beginning to your rain barrel spigot and test the system from beginning to end.

In summary, a PVC water delivery system can be a fairly simple task to design and put together. Once in place, your rain barrel will become the main water source and feed your garden with the liquid refreshment it will need on hot dry evenings.


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